Children from The Conservatory Lab Charter School in Boston

Children from The Conservatory Lab Charter School in Boston

Sunday, September 30, 2012

El Sistema@Rainey Year Two!

Year Two brings Fantastic Change: 


The team consists now of:

A full-time program coordinator, Brittany Kubiak who takes on all the details of the daily programming and conducts the beginning orchestra, 2 violin/viola teachers, 1 cello teacher, 1 bass teacher, 1 general music teacher and one classroom assistant.

We have 51 children, including a large class of beginners who just started their real instruments,  2 full string orchestras and a strong waiting list.

Having a full-time and wonderful coordinator has made a tremendous difference! We highly recommend it!


We were asked to play at Citizen's Academy, an area charter school for 7 of our ES students. They have been very supportive in advertising for our program.  2 of our 2nd year students, both 5th graders,  performed Pachelbel's Canon together with Program Coordinator Brittany Kubiak and me on our violins.
The cellist, Mahogany Foy, played violin last year and just switched to cello 3 weeks ago.  (Last year, we offered only violin.  Now we have allowed all 2nd year students to choose a different string instrument, if they wish.)

Taylor Beckwith chose to continue with violin and shows how much she has learned in the 11 short months since her first notes. She learned 3rd position 2 days before this concert! Of this she was really proud. Their joyful desire to push themselves to reach for the stars and is what it's all about.....